Our vision reflects our values: integrity,  forefront service, excellence and satisfaction. We want our clients happy!


Our mission is to provide professionally excellent and forefront placement of exceptionally qualified individuals with deserving employers.  We call this " staffing with purpose."

Our dedicated services

Vanguard Staffing LLC 

Our services will cover areas such as recruitment consulting,  permanent staffing, temporary staffing, contract staffing, and employee training in some fields. We are aware that business these days require diverse and sophisticated approaches. This is why we are positioning the agency to offer a range of related staffing services per the need of the industry.

Vanguard Staffing LLC 

Our unique and empathetic approach to staffing and recruitment gives us an  advantage to placement in the following arenas:
  • Information Technology Support 
  • Engineering Field
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Customer Support Roles
  • Human Resources and Payroll Sector 
  • Paralegals 

We'd love to partner with you!

LaTaurus Gillard 

Senior Strategist


LaTaurus  had one thought in mind when she founded the company..help others to help others! With an entrepreneurial spirit, experience, a degree in Business Management, and her love for people, the agency was formed. "Helping individuals support their lifestyles and families while helping others support their families is a win-win situation. "-"Staffing with Purpose" is her motto.

Our Blog

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Our Latest Blog Entry

October 8, 2018

"The main reason of recruitment agencies is to appoint and recruit the employees based on the employment type and since it is their job to do so, they will recruit the employees more efficiently. Temporary staffs hired through recruitment agencies are given the chance to learn the process, the methods and the work of the employees before they are given a permanent position. This is necessary so that the company turnover can be reduced up to a large extent and also, it gives time for the employees to get used to the company culture and the environment."-Chitra Reddy (Wise Step)

As an employer or job seeker the right recruiter can be an invaluable source and valued partner. In both cases the recruiter serves to bridge the gap between a hiring manager and their future employee, helping to create a more cohesive hiring experience. 

Employeers It would be advantageous to work with Vanguard Staffing LLC for seasonal, temporary, and or contract-to hire work. We have a database of qualified and eager to work candidates that we will strategically place within your firm. We also take all the risk and act as the employer, providing liability, insurance, benefits and payroll services.

Job seekers Vanguard Staffing LLC is a  great resource to get work when you need it, especially if you are unemployed. For the job seekers that are  employed and only passively open to new opportunities, we are a great resource as well. We desire above all things to help our employees find sustainability,  growth, and development opportunities both personally and career wise. We want to see you succeed. 

Our Promise

Rather seeking out employees or searching for employment, individuals can rest assured that their needs are looked upon and addressed on an Individual basis.  Vanguard Staffing LLC is a client focused and result driven staffing agency. We ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our clients needs precisely, professionally, and  efficiently.  We want our clients happy!